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Associate Wealth Advisor


Role and Responsibilities

Are you a CFP®️ professional or CFA charterholder who is dependable, driven and enjoys working with clients? Do you have a passion for helping individuals turn aspirations into financial realities? Are you looking for a position where you can leverage your strengths, feel valued, and work collaboratively towards a common goal?

Endeavor Wealth Advisors is seeking an integral team member to join our practice as an Associate Wealth Advisor. This person will demonstrate a passion for helping clients achieve financial aspirations. They will be responsible for providing sound, comprehensive financial advice and guidance, and helping clients make sense of their financial lives in actionable ways. Knowing that they have built relationships with our clients and with us, the Associate Wealth Advisor will want to share who we are and what we do with the community and actively seek to provide our style of financial planning to new clients.

Endeavor Wealth Advisors is a Cleveland-based, boutique financial planning & wealth management firm making meaningful impacts for business owners, executives, individuals and families, and women. Endeavor Wealth desires to build deep, personalized relationships with clients as trustworthy fiduciaries and tailors advice to each client’s specific situation.

To flourish within our practice, our Associate Wealth Advisor will be strongly committed to dependability, credibility, integrity, curiosity, and collaboration. They will have a strong commitment to service and excellence, taking pride in the work that they deliver within our firm and to our clients. This position requires strong, friendly, timely follow-up on both tasks and projects to ensure high quality work and accurate attention to detail. Authority and responsibility are shared among the team, who work together to help our clients achieve, and exceed, their financial goals. Our work is collaborative, providing support and service in a team environment free from competition.

Our Associate Wealth Advisor will be a treasured team member, helping our clients and our firm succeed!

Job Duties

  • Preparing comprehensive financial plans, including: data collection, investment analysis, risk management analysis, financial goal projection, education funding projection, and income and estate tax planning.
  • Preparing for and co-conducting client meetings to discuss implementation of the financial planning recommendations (based on research of current trends, legislative changes and technology) and addressing their other issues and concerns.
  • Managing client investment portfolios, including: preparing and presenting a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS), assisting in the researching and selection of appropriate investment vehicles for the client, monitoring investment performance, and executing trades in client portfolios in accordance with the client’s stated objectives.
  • Maintaining communication with clients regularly to review portfolios and to influence client decision-making when appropriate, using comprehensive and thorough knowledge of all areas of financial planning.
  • Understanding and explaining Endeavor Wealth’s financial planning and investment decision-making process within the context of each client’s situation (e.g., proficiently and precisely explaining each client’s portfolio construction and relating it back to their Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Maintaining autonomy and ownership of work product (including strict adherence to data and presentation accuracy and initiative when problem-solving), while working creatively and collaboratively on client recommendations and business development.
  • Managing multiple, crucial projects and tasks through unexpected expansion of scope and change in timelines while keeping the client relationship and long-term financial plan as the focus and goal.
  • Completing all tasks related to client set-up and ongoing account maintenance, including preparation of custodial forms and client service tasks.
  • Educating and informing Senior Wealth Advisors on client planning opportunities.
  • Maintaining financial planning client process, client files, and CRM system.
  • Attending industry conferences and networking events to build knowledge and focus on business development.

Preferred Skills & Abilities

Preferred Subject Matter and Technical Skills

  • Demonstrated competency in financial planning & analysis, with investment research and strategies experience preferred.
  • Maintain knowledge of capital markets and economic viewpoints and clearly communicate perspective and context with clients and prospects, both verbally and in writing.
  • Comply with applicable securities regulations and rules, and follow organizational policies and standards.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Experience with financial planning software tools (i.e., MoneyGuidePro, eMoney).
  • Experience with portfolio management software systems (i.e., Tamarac, Portfolio Center, Axys).
  • Experience with client relationship management systems (i.e., Advyzon, Redtail, SalesForce).
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to quickly learn new technologies and software.

Preferred Practice Management Skills

  • Strong client-focused values, building trust through long-term relationships over financial life stages.
  • Strong commitment to integrity and ethical values including client confidentiality.
  • Ability to synthesize data from various sources with the objective to inform, persuade and influence decisions based on industry knowledge through writing, verbal communication, and presentations.
  • Ability to assist Endeavor Wealth to identify and define client needs while managing client and firm expectations.
  • Ability to think critically by using knowledge, facts, and data to solve problems effectively.
  • Demonstrated integrity and strong ethical decision-making at all times; escalates issues appropriately, considers reliability and credibility of facts, thinks ahead to consider consequences of decisions for the firm, and is willing to make, support, and be held accountable for decisions.
  • Willingness to market our services to existing clients, prospective clients, and centers of influence.
  • Work directly with Senior Wealth Advisors to evaluate work processes and flows and modify them for continuous improvement. The ability to provide and receive constructive feedback from other team members is expected.

Required Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree (any major welcome)
  • 5+ years of experience in financial services
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder


$50,000-$70,000 total compensation, commensurate with experience


  • Health insurance (with HSA)
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Account
  • PTO (includes vacation, sick days and personal days)
  • Family-friendly, flexible workplace
  • Professional development assistance

How to Apply

We are excited to learn more about you! To apply for this position, please send your resume, cover letter and short essay answers to the questions below:

  • Why do you want to work for Endeavor Wealth Advisors?
  • What would you bring to Endeavor Wealth that is unique and special?
  • In what ways can Endeavor Wealth support you to reach your highest potential?
  • What are your expectations for development as a member of Endeavor Wealth?

Please submit your information via email to